so i finally made it over to nordstrom to try on pretty much everything they had left in my size on the last day of early access. so here i sit at 10:00 at night rounding it up for you for when the sale opens to the public at midnight.

who loves you?  seriously.

so here you go, my fitting room diaries.  a few things are sold out online, but they do restock throughout the sale and you can always check in-store for these items.

this tee is $15.90 and you need all of the colors.  i got a small and the fit is perfect!  the jeans, not so much.  for me they were too stretchy and not flattering.  i’m wearing a 25 in these.

I was kinda loving this top and its sleeves at first, but I was not feeling the orange.  maybe i stepped too far out of my comfort zone here.

this duster is my JAM.  i loved it online and i loved it in person.  it just makes me feel like a boss.

of course you need another striped shirt.  cmon now!  i’m wearing a medium here bc its the smallest size they had, but i could’ve gone with a small.  ps: its under $20.

these jeans tho?  obsessed.  they’re high waisted, fit well and i love the hem!  i’m wearing a 25 here.

this sweater:  love it in the front, wish it wasn’t sheer in the back. you would have to layer a tank under which i think would make the front less flattering.  idk, your call people.  super soft though and i’m wearing an XS here.

i was loving this hoodie:  soft and lightweight with some distressing.  wearing a US6 here.

even though its crazy wrinkled, i was loving this sweater!  its not too heavy and the back is oh so cute!  only seeing it in yellow online, but keep checking back or go in store!  wearing a US6 here.

omg how freakin cute is this sweatshirt?!!  the only reason i didn’t buy is bc i’m getting the gray version from online – they only had the pink in store.  wearing an XS here.

LOVING this cute swingy linen tee and these jeans?!!  high-waisted button fly with the buttons at the ankles too?  yes PLEASE.
wearing an XS in the tee and a 25 in the jeans.

HATED this top.  sorry guys, gotta keep it real.  wasn’t diggin the jeans either – way too stretchy.

wasn’t feeling this one either.  wearing a Small here.

oatmeal henley, yes yes yes!  so cozy and perfect for fall!  wearing a Small here.

I mean, how can you not like this top?!!
you need it, end of story.
wearing the olive in an XS and the pale blue in a S.

shockingly really liked this top!  i know, right?!!
i’m not your typical floral-y gal, but i loved the silhouette here.  plus its under $35.  wearing a Small here.

favorite item of the day right here.  
its so soft, fits well, can be worn now and it has POCKETS!
sadly, its not available online as of right now, but i found a similar one here.  wearing a Small.

this one showed the girls off way too much for my taste and it was backless so you can’t wear a bra with it, so it was a big N.O. for me. wearing a US6.

i don’t think this photographs how CUTE this dress truly is!  absolutely loved this!  buy it.  for real.  wearing a 2.

more pink.  i know, who am i really?!!
loved the fit of this dress tho, would be SO pretty for a summer wedding and its under $60 – can’t beat that!  wearing an XS.


this wouldn’t be a post without the shoes…

and while i wanted ALL of them, i was a good girl for once!

loved the grommeting on this pair and can’t beat under $100!

i mean, if you shopped the anniversary sale and didn’t buy these, did you really even shop?!!

if you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that i love a fun shoe in the fall/winter to spice up my uber-neutral wardrobe and these are IT!  wearing my usual size here.


so there’s my first dressing room run of the nordstrom anniversary sale…

there are quite a few more things that i want/need/have to have, but i’ll wait a week or two to let the hubs cool down after today’s spree.

xo, Jillian

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