here we are, the end of my january wardrobe capsule….
this was tough guys. i also realize my last two recaps said the same thing.
maybe i’m not the capsule type? i don’t know, but i tried. kinda.
i know i wasn’t supposed to shop during the month, but nordstrom, anthropologie and apricot lane came in hot with some supercute stuff that i could not resist.

oh + there was also the “jeans incident”
i’m gonna be real with you guys + not sugar coat this part.
my express ripped jeans.
you know, the ones i LIVED in + LOVED.
high-waisted, ripped knees + a ram hem.
when i bought them, it was like the angels came in + sang beautiful melodies every time i wore them.
a little much? maybe, but i reeeeeaaaally like them, k?
anyways, they were like legit jeans, not the super spandex legging jeans that we’ve all come to know + love, so i had to wash them more than usual. well, one fateful morning, fresh out the dryer, i put on my favorite jeans of this lifetime + as i squatted down to put my shoes on, the crotch ripped.
i pretty much cried. no lie.
i quickly ran to and then came another punch in the gut, they were no longer available. i checked my local stores + no luck.
so i had to go jeans shopping…. i ended up finding a pretty awesome pair at american eagle AND i also fell for a cropped demi boot, high-waisted pair at madewell that are so not my usual style, but i was sold.
so yeah, that’s my long-winded ‘jeans incident”

so back to the capsule, what did i learn?
well, sticking to a certain number of pieces is hard, especially when you’re a clotheshorse like me. it forces you to find new ways to switch up your favorite pieces, but it kinda gets stale too. i found out that pieces i thought were “staples” + that i could wear a million ways, well i didn’t really want to wear them anymore.

so will i continue the capsule? probably not.
i love clothes too much.
the email subject line of “new arrivals” brings such a giddyness for me.
will it change the way i shop? absolutely.
i fall victim to trendy items way too often so going forward, i’ll be following these shopping rules:
1. Do not buy just bc its “on sale”
2. Stick to quality over quantity.
3. Do not buy if it does not fit.
4. Follow the 24hr rule on anything that’s over $200, meaning if after 24hrs you still want to buy it, then buy it.
I wish I could make it seem like I have it all together + have this amazing list of rules for ya, but that’s all i’ve got so far….I’m a work in progress.

so here’s the recap of the last part of this challenge + i hope you’ll still follow along with me via Instagram + this blog to keep my butt in check.
if you see me wilin’ out in some ridiculous things, send me a virtual slap. k? appreciate ya!

black bodysuit | gray duster (similar) | madewell jeans | covet sunday bag | halogen loafers | chrislen collar | fitz cuff

peplum top | ripped jeans | dalilah pendant | camel booties (similar) | madewell transport tote

bell sleeve tee | distressed jeans | tan booties | ezra statement necklace | ansley cuff | chevron wrap bracelet

oversized sweater (similar) | black skinnies | snakeskin booties (similar) | covet sloane cross body | asher necklace

leopard cardigan | peplum tee | ripped jeans | tan booties | luna pendant

fringe cardigan | striped ballet tee | madewell jeans | black booties (similar) | victoria pendant

black tunic sweater | camel sweater coat | ripped jeans | madewell booties | ezra statement necklace | madewell transport tote

striped tunic tee (similar) | olive cardigan (similar) | ripped jeans | dalilah pendant | tan booties

all jewelry available HERE

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