Finishing out January with some pantry staples that I’ve found to be really helpful when doing E2M:

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt | This is my #1 E2M pantry staple! The first week or so, you may struggle with sugar detox and feel sluggish or get a headache. If you do, add some pink himalayan sea salt to your water! It has natural electrolytes – what’s actually causing your reaction is the lack of electrolytes – so this is a must for me! Its also good for you in general so a great addition to your water for anyone!

Chia Seeds | A lot of people don’t know what to do with chia seeds, but I’ve found them to work best in meatballs and burgers in place of breadcrumbs. They bind in the same way and are not only a healthy fat, but they expand when you eat them and help you to feel fuller longer!

Nuts | my go-to’s are almonds and cashews. I can add almonds on the go for my healthy fat and cashews are great ground up and crusted on chicken – see HERE

Nut Butter | I love a spoonful of nut butter after my meal as my “dessert” – just be sure to check the ingredients to make sure yours doesn’t have sugar! “All Natural” doesn’t always mean no sugar.

Coffee | For obvious reasons.

Mio | When I need a little sweetness, I love adding a little squirt of mio to my water! I also know some people add sweet tea mio to their coffee to cut the bitterness AND I add it to my ACV shot in the morning to cut the vinegar flavor as well. There are a ton of flavors, but my faves include lemonade, sweet tea and watermelon lemonade!

Seltzer | If you’re a soda person, adding some flavored seltzer to your day can help feed that craving!

Yellow Mustard | Who knew yellow mustard could go on so many things! I’ve always loved it so its a regular pantry staple for me regardless of E2M. Add it to your protein, as a dip for your veggies, whatever!

Hot Sauce | I love putting hot sauce on my eggs, turkey meatballs and egg roll in a bowl for a little kick!

Seasonings | My go-tos are Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel – works on everything! – and Chili Lime – great on avocado and eggs! Again, just make sure your seasoning doesn’t have sugar or dairy.

There are some other pantry staples you can add in to E2M, but these are what I use on a daily basis and don’t stray from. I hope you’ve found this list helpful!

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