Like I shared last week, the food aspect of E2M can be hard for a lot of people, but after completing my first round, I’ve found a few meals that are my go-to dinners. One tip that I rely on big time when it comes to dinners is to MAKE EXTRA! This way, you have additional meals on hand that you can throw right into the microwave.

Here’s a few of my go-to recipes for dinner:

Cashew Crusted Chicken Cutlets

These are BOMB. Like, BOMB. I’ve even fooled my kids with these – the totally thought they were my usual chicken cutlets! Two tips for these: 1 – Sift your ground cashews – if you don’t, your cutlets will be chunky. 2 – Season the ground cashews well. You can’t be too shy with the seasonings, add em in! I make a huge batch of these and reheat them in the air fryer to throw on salads or to have alongside any kind of veggies! Get the recipe HERE and watch my tutorial HERE

Air Fryer Burgers

Another easy recipe to make a huge batch of! Fun tip on these – don’t skip the chia seeds! Not only are they your healthy fat, but they also bind the meat the same way breadcrumbs would AND they expand inside your stomach to make you feel fuller longer! Get the recipe HERE and check out one of my fave ways to eat them HERE

Carrot Fries

Listen, I don’t even like carrots, but I love me some carrot fries! They will absolutely feed the itch for fries and they’re super easy to make in the air fryer. Get the recipe HERE and watch my tutorial HERE

Oven Roasted Cauliflower Rice

Gone is that mushy, soggy, bland cauliflower rice! This recipe gives your flavorful, oven roasted cauliflower rice that tastes just like quinoa! Again, don’t skip the seasoning and roast this til its browned. Get the recipe HERE and watch my tutorial HERE

Asparagus Two Ways

These two recipes will come in handy soon! I love sautéing my asparagus with lots of garlic and almonds and also love this different spin on it where you honestly forget you’re eating asparagus! Get the recipes HERE and HERE and watch my tutorials HERE and HERE

The Best Roasted Broccoli

Sure you can make frozen broccoli, but once you try this roasted broccoli, you won’t ever go back! Obviously skip the cheese on top if you’re doing E2M, but a squeeze of lemon juice is just as good! Get the recipe HERE and watch my tutorial HERE

You can read more about E2M HERE and be sure to head over to my Instagram highlights for some more meal ideas. Oh and do a girl a solid, share some of your favorite E2M dinners below!

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